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‘Will he leave?’: Oscar Opaso struggles with substitution at Racing, Quinteros seeks return to ColoColo



CoroCoro has already begun talks to bring back Oscar Opaso, who will shine in the ‘Kasiq’ jacket from 2017 to 2022.

Chilean side oscar opazo Suffering in the racing club.He arrived at the ‘Academy’ in December 2022 as a great addition and everything indicated that it would be key piece For DT Fernando Gago in the Albiceleste store.

However, in “cake”, was away Its. He has no playing minutes and is not even an option B within both the left and right bands of the Avellaneda team.

Faced with this scenario, according to Argentinian media, this is what the Santiago Wanderers-trained player thinks. to break up seriously Despite being under contract until December 2024, Racing was out of contract in the next transfer window.

“Despite arriving with a pass and signing a 24-month contract at the beginning of the year, the Chilean player will terminate his contract “The partisan media said” soul racing.

flat, me Under the title Is Oscar Opazo Leaving? CoroCoro has already started negotiations On Opazo’s return to shine with the ‘Cacique’ jacket from 2017 to 2022 6 goals Recorded 9 assists in 156 games.

“I have already received a call from his country tempting me to go back to Colo Colo… Gustavo Quinteros the Argentinian coach leading the Chilean cast, two weeks ago He communicated with the winger and tested “, he added.

The 32-year-old from Concon initially arrived at Racing to cover the departure of compatriot Eugenio Mena on the left flank. but, Gabriel Rojas He won the dispute over ownership.

The right wing, where he shined at the Whites, is not in a good position either. Facundo Mulla and Ivan Pirlud I like Gago.

Since arriving at the ‘Academy’, Opazo has only played nine promises , four from the first minute.it has goal 3-1 victory over San Martin de Formosa in the Argentine Cup.

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Source: Biobiochile

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