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Marcelo Diaz reveals ‘the door won’t close’ on United’s return, reveals ‘cold treatment’ on club anniversary



In a dialogue with TNT Sports, Marcelo Diaz revived the illusion of returning to America. The player, on the other hand, affirmed that it was thanks to his current team, Audax Italiano.

the interest of Marcelo Diaz One day I will return to my beloved team and thank him for building an era. University of Chile .From such a perspective, the player remembered his longing before landing and his unsuccessful return to the “Romantic Traveler” Italian Audax .

In a dialogue with Todos Somos Technicos de TNT Sport, the experienced midfielder affirmed that while he was 100 percent focused on his time as an Italian player, he was not before that. Confess that the possibility of wearing a U-shirt again is not ruled out .

“Today, thanks to Audax Italiano, if I add a few minutes a year, my contract will automatically renew, but from my point of view, the door to the University of Chile will never be closed.” recognized “cello”.

For Diaz, in his words, “You’re my love. I can’t shut the door for him…even if he keeps me out of the club.” . To support this statement, the former Chilean national team cites himself as an example, revealing the “cold treatment” he received from the team’s board of directors.

“I must have been the only player who wasn’t asked for an anniversary greeting. Said.

Despite this, Marcelo Diaz also recalled his failure to arrive at the CDA for the 2023 season and assured: “People are already burning their heads towards a situation that doesn’t depend on anyone. It was impossible.” .

But Karepato repeated:That door will never close from me And I will do everything I can so that one day it will be opened, ”he leaves, referring to his illusions. Return to University of Chile .

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