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Claudio Bravo Films Cork Heavier Using Journalist’s Controversial Video: ‘The Thing From The Diner…’



Claudio Bravo has reacted to Coca Hevia after journalists criticized the goalkeeper’s absence in La Roja’s friendly.

Claudio Bravo left important remarks on Twitter after controversial reaction to journalist Jorge “Coke” Hevia .

Initially, the La Loja captain was alluded to in a tweet posted by user @Licomita, who wrote: “Look, Claudio Bravo, Cork Heavier, what kind of face does he speak of you? If he were not his father’s son, he would have no place, because he Because I’m a failure as a journalist.” .

The cause of all this is Hevia criticizes Bravo for missing goalkeeper in friendly La Roja de Bellizzo will take place on FIFA day in June this year.

Along these lines, users attacked Hevia, claiming the journalist was part of the medium because of his surname. “You are where you are because of your talent and hard work, but this other is a pantomime.” Said.

Cork Heavier responded to the accusations against him. “Ma’am, I think you should relax a little. It was the coaching staff that set Bravo apart, not the journalism that called for his return. Do you remember why you cut it?Have a nice day and have a better time ” wrote the communicator.

That tweet appeared Claudio Bravo did not miss this opportunity respond, ironically and indirectly, to Jorge Heavia Jr. .

“Yes ma’am, please relax. Watch this video to learn more about how much you should relax. Don’t wear yourself out with a man who is dedicated only to destroying. People in the cafeteria always say what they want to say. But never true! “I wrote to the Betis goalkeeper.

The video in question went viral in 2017, Jorge Hevia shows obvious drunkenness . At this time, Claudio Bravo went viral on social networks.

Source: Biobiochile

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