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‘You’ll find out there’: Brian Cortez’s short response on his future and CoroCoro stay



The international goalkeeper returned to ownership in the fall Copa Libertadores match between Colo Colo and Boca Juniors after being relegated to the bench for several weeks due to Fernando De Paul’s good performances.

tuesday day, Korokoro fell on the fifth date of Copa Libertadores vs Argentina’s Boca Juniors The national team fell to the bottom in Group F of the international competition.

Although the Chilean team were outperformed for most of the game, Strength of “Zenez” The player who showed a glimpse of a good fight again, Brian Cortez The representative goalkeeper who returned to the owner after a certain period of time. Ferdinand de Paul He took the “Cacique” goal from him.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well for the team on the Trans-Andean land. Gustavo Quinteros As you might have imagined, Argentina’s Marcelo Vaiganto’s only goal knocked him out.

After being defeated, DT “Arbo” Agustín Buzat, Esteban Paves, Brayan Cortes told the media after the fall. candy box but it was a man from Iquia who stole the spotlight with that answer.

First of all, despite the defeat, “we continue to trust, It’s just hard work and belief. Cup games are like that, you can win on the details, but there rival teams make a lot of difference for us. If there are too many hierarchies, it will not be tolerated ”.

He then spoke about his experience watching a few games from the bench after taking ownership of an exporter from the University of Chile. Ferdinand DePaul.

In this regard, cut “It was difficult, but I always I’m sure it’s time to play again , I work leisurely.of Korokoro I’m happy, it’s always good to add and you have to take advantage of every opportunity. ”

“it’s over, It’s not a problem for me. A lot more was said about what happened and a lot was made up, so that’s the only thing that hurt so much, I always kept my cool,” he said.

Finally, when asked about their motives for continuing their activities, Korokoro added the national team.yes let’s see there ‘, and his continuity in the cast of Pedrero remains unclear.

Source: Biobiochile

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