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‘Harsh response’ to match: Colo Coro lifts suspensions for Pizarro and Thompson, confirms return



Colo Colo coach Gustavo Quinteros has confirmed that Damien Pizarro and Jordy Thompson are available to rejoin the first team.

Gustavo Quinteros technician CoroCoro player confirmed Damian Pizarro and Jordy Thompson They are no longer punished with a “cacique” for indiscipline before Superclásico 194.

Just 48 hours before the duel against the University of Chile. national championship tournamentthe white forward was surprised when a scuffle broke out in an amateur league match.

“They have made mistakes and if mistakes in their personal lives affect the group, they have to take measures,” the coach said at the time.

A few days later, Thompson trained and played with the projection team. meanwhile Pizarro had to undergo surgery The cause was a broken hand caused by the aforementioned fight.

There was even talk that the two promising footballers would not wear the “Cacique” shirt again for the rest of the season, but Quinteros himself denied it today.

“The club has already taken measures with the players (Thompson and Pizarro) and we also took measures in the last game. They will now be available and I hope they can contribute 100% to the club.” Coach Albo said this at a press conference.

Here it is, Both forwards missed only one game. And they are now available to the first team.

Due to the above, Pizarro and Thompson may add minutes to the pending duel against Deportes Copiapo, which will take place this Thursday, September 14th at 7:00 p.m.

Source: Biobiochile

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