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Following Supreme Court order: AFP and clubs prepare to end ties with gambling houses



Chilean football (ANFP and clubs) is on alert following a Supreme Court order to block gambling sites.

“I have to find another sponsor.” .A board official responded: ANFP After the Supreme Court ruled to cut off access from Chile About 20 online gambling sites accessed after deeming them illegal .

The Third Chamber’s ruling responds to a protection appeal filed in 2022 by Polla Chilena against the telecommunications company Mundo Pacífico. “Appellees may not transmit or promote games of chance unless they prove legal permission and permission from administrative authorities. Therefore, all websites requested by appellants in this case will be immediately must be blocked,” they claim.

The country’s Supreme Court’s ruling destabilized ANFP, which had announced legal action days earlier after the Ministry of Justice ordered it to terminate its contracts with such companies. Now, the Chilean soccer governing body will likely change its position and end the relationship.

This is what the aforementioned source told Diario La Segunda. “ANFP’s legal team will be meeting today to see what the path forward is. But the premise is simple: if the decision is illegal, then it is illegal. ” he expressed.

“The difference with the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice is that we said they don’t have the authority to define illegality,” he added.

The consultant also explained that the contract with the tournament sponsor company (Bettson) should be canceled. Up to $8 million over three years. “This should not cause financial problems for ANFP as the contract is linear, the money is delivered regularly and there are no upfront payments. “We have to find another sponsor.” he pointed out.

A panoramic view of the club: concerns and impending contract termination

Even on the club side, the Supreme Court’s ruling was perceived as a “blow”. Blocking these sites could mean heavy losses for the main sponsors, thus creating problems with the “rebound effect”.

The scenario is complex and the impact can be huge, considering for example the first A. The Spanish Union is the only one that does not have the support of companies of this kind .

No official statement has been made by any agency so far, but the newspaper stresses that there are major concerns and that a court team is already working on the issue.

The ANFP ruled against La Segunda that “the judgment clearly states that these are illegal acts”, although the idea is always to look for alternatives so that the economic losses are not so great. “Most likely we will have to terminate the contract.”

Source: Biobiochile

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