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Herrera confronts Berizzo, seriously injuring Arturo Vidal: ‘It’s his fault’



For former La Roja goalkeeper Johnny Herrera, Arturo Vidal’s serious injury against Colombia was clearly the Paranaense midfielder’s fault.

The seriously injured arturo vidal In the end, it was a negative qualifying day. red Eduardo Berizzo’s team added one of the six points.

It is worth remembering that the Atlético Paranaense midfielder was substituted in the 73rd minute against Colombia and left the Monumental Stadium in an ambulance.

A few hours later, the Chilean team explained that Vidal was injured “Acute Traumatic Meniscal Injury with Joint Occlusion Requiring Surgical Solution” I had surgery yesterday Wednesday.

Some blamed Berizzo for the injury, but he believes the coach should have replaced ‘King Arthur’ sooner as he showed signs of physical discomfort in the first half.

However, it was the former national team that took responsibility away from the coach. Johnny Herrera TNT Sport placed all the blame on the former Flamengo player.

“There is a common responsibility here. From the moment I played against Uruguay, I knew that I was injured, even though I was already injured,” the retired goalkeeper began to point out.

“For me, it’s the player’s fault. I hope it came out in a cohesive way, but there are two questions that come to mind as far as responsibility. For me, it happened to me, so it’s the player’s fault. Thing” Herrera insisted.

Herrera then accused Arturo Vidal of irresponsibility, recalling his personal experience.

“I had a broken wrist and the doctor said it was a broken bone, but the final decision is for the player to make. At that moment, the doctor gave me an operation, and the other one, it will heal on its own. , but we played in the final against Católica in 2011,” the former goalkeeper concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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