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Brazilian Mineiro supports Eduardo Vargas: they explain the noisy ‘incident’ with Barra Brava



Rodrigo Caetano, sporting director of Atlético Mineiro, clarified the situation of the Chilean soccer player in “Gallo”.

Eduardo Vargas He has been in the headlines in recent weeks for his role in the scandal involving Atlético Mineiro Brava Group.

However, aside from the non-soccer aspects, Chileans received strong support From inside the club itself.

First, dRodrigo Caetano, sporting director of Atlético Mineiro did not hesitate to come out to protect the football players.

“Whether the fans like Vargas or not, that’s their right. They are the ones who train the most and work the hardest “, Said.

Along these lines, leaders emphasized that: “When we renewed his contract, the club offered him a reduction in salary and he agreed to stay.” ”.

“He’s not playing, so Our two forwards are having great years. “Added Mr. Caetano, who later revealed the incident between Vargas and the “Torcida” of “Gallo”.

“I wasn’t partying. The day off was his birthday. There is no evidence that he acted outside of what is expected of a professional athlete. “During working hours,” he said.

If we think about it calmly now, we might start to see light in Eduardo Vargas’ future in Brazil. Buddy Hulk Suspended opening up opportunities for former U players to become starters in duels. Atlético Mineiro vs. Botafogo (Brazil) will be contested from Next Saturday September 16th 9pm .

Source: Biobiochile

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