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He distances himself from the leader. Huachipato could not beat Palestino and shared the points in the camp.Nationwide



Huachipato were surprised at home by Palestino and, with one man down, equalized with the national championship runners-up in the final minutes of the game.

Wachipato Picked up at CAP Stadium in Talcahuano Palestinian With the rescheduled game valid until the 22nd of the national championship.

Hoping to continue searching for leaders, Kobresal the “Steelers” were looking to deliver a decisive blow against another good team that improved their game in the second half of the tournament.

The duel began as promised, Aggression and intent to destroy equality For the first few minutes, everything faded away as time went by.

But the first thing that happened in the match was Jonathan Benitez about Maximiliano Rodriguez an action. VAR Match referee, head judge Christian Garay he was sanctioned with a red card and left Palestino with one man fewer after 19 minutes.

However, this did not dampen the fighting spirit of the visiting team, and in the 39th minute they broke the score with the opponent’s score. Nicholas Ramirez Aguilera.

This blow hit deep Wachipato No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t go into the break with the score tied.

Already in the second half, the cast members started to be forced to leave the show from the beginning. “Tetra color” pressure was applied from midfield to the back.

After the first 15 minutes of the second half, “Steelers” They managed to even out the commitment after goals. Chris Martinez finishing with his left foot and putting the ball into the left apex of the goal. Cesar Rigamonti.

After an effort to balance the duel again, Wachipato He went out in search of victory and purpose. Francisco Loyola In the 80th minute, he extended the score for the homeowner with a header.

This gave the local team a little bit of confidence, but Palestinian There was another surprise for the national championship runner-up.

The defender is antonio alejandro sesa finishing at close range and breaking the enemy’s resistance. Gabriel Castellon In stoppage time (90 minutes +5) Pablo ‘Vitamina’ Sanchez’s side scored a stunning equalizer against one of the most consistent teams in the competition.

Along with this, Wachipato Maintains 2nd place in the tournament with 40 points and 6 points left Kobresal meanwhile Palestinian He maintains 4th place with 36 cars.

Source: Biobiochile

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