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‘I feel ready’: Jaime Garcia says he’s ready to lead La U or La Roja



Jaime García, now the former coach of New Brense, has mentioned the possibility of managing great players from our country and even the Chilean national team.

Jaime Garcia now the former Nubrense coach, has opened up the possibility of coaching the University of Chile or the national team.

He returned just days after being released by the Red Devils. First division and was classified for the first time Libertadores Cupthe Chilean strategist said he feels ready to make a more significant leap.

“For me, it was very cross-cutting. Not everyone is going to like me professionally, and that’s totally fine. But it sounds like that, or that they’re asking me… Things make you feel like you have to do other kinds of things, you have to take other kinds of steps,” Garcia said on Red Gol when asked about comments from fans asking for it on social networks. told. La U.

“I think I’ve been preparing myself from less to more, fixing things.” negative things, and keep adding something positive,” added Mr. Yubrens.

In a similar vein, Jaime Garcia emphasized: “Now I’m very proud of everything it’s taken to get to this point and I actually feel very prepared.” .

Considering his strong desire to be able to manage La Wu and other great national football teams, the coach pointed out: It would be great if you could jump outside when you’re done. “It’s a dream and I want to make the dream come true.”

Source: Biobiochile

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