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“A little more Freight”: Cereseda explodes the network after comparing CoroCoro and La Woo fans



Roberto Cereseda broke out in hives after making controversial comments about Coro Coro and La U fans. “Electric” played for both clubs.

Roberto Cereseda the experienced full-back of Audax Italiano exploded social networks this Friday with the following statement: specific comparison Among the fans of Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile.

“Electric” protected the team’s uniform more popular From the country. He played for the “Cacique” from 2007 to 2011 and for the Blues for two periods (2012-2014 and 2015).

The 38-year-old defender faced the microphone of TNT Sports and was first consulted. Which fans treated him better? .

“one of CoroCoro Because I was there for four years and won the championship three or four times. “Everywhere you go, people say Colo Colo is the most popular team in Chile, and that will continue to be the case, because you feel it everywhere,” he said.

However, Cereseda “White nails” and “Those below” .

La Woo fans are more loyal and respectful to the organization and players themselves.Koro’s one is a little weak in that sense. ” he pointed out.

The answer is I got hives White fans came out on social networks to criticize the player’s remarks, and fans of the college team celebrated.

parable Symbol of “chief” He came out after hearing Cereseda’s words. “I respect all opinions, but there is no question.” It’s more disappointing than misguided. Because, as I say, Colo Colo is the biggest team in Chile, in South America and in the world,” he said. Gabriel Mendoza To Boravip in Chile.

“We’re the biggest team with star players, so our fans will be more demanding than the sidewalk out front.” haven’t won anything . Without a doubt, we are the biggest and most loyal fans in Chile,” added the American champion of Albos (1991).

At the end, “Coca” sarcastically pointed out, “Celeceda made a mistake. Maybe it’s because we’re on a public holiday.” suffered an earthquake ”.

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Source: Biobiochile

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