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One less gambling venue: five Chilean clubs end their partnership after Supreme Court ruling



Following a Supreme Court ruling banning more than 20 online gambling establishments, five Chilean performers have ended their relationships with online platforms to avoid legal repercussions.

The big blow to the jaw was supreme court Regarding the illegality of the operation, online gambling hall In our country it is Chilean soccer.

In the judgment of the highest court in the country, he noted only that: Chilean charity cook the only entity qualified to carry out this type of practice, and will enforce more than just that. 20 online betting sites.

Therefore, we have already started taking action on this issue. 5 national cast members They are terminating their relationship with this type of gambling entity.

To be precise, the BioBioChile Research Unit published a report a few days ago about the connections that exist between them. for now and some equipment National Championship.

With writing developed by the medium, it is realized Tax havens, “ghost” offices and sanctions have already been imposed gambling hall pointed out by England punishment since then 1190 sports -The gaming platform’s Chilean intermediaries-claimed they had no knowledge.

Now, according to the information revealed, mercury teeth 5 teams people there Finishing up A process that allows you to end a contract, free yourself and avoid legal consequences.

The national media has detailed the following: Newbrense, Everton, Coquimbo Kingdom, Audax Italiano, Union La Carrera is finalizing the details to end its relationship with the intermediary. 1190 sports.

this is, Ark Examples of national teams mentioned – e.g.: BioBioChile Research Unit – income received by “Pirate” For connections with representative companies for now Arrived in Chile $120,000 per year , split the USD 10,000 into 12 monthly payments.something like 8 million pesos per month.

Source: Biobiochile

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