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“I am incomplete…”: a letter from the Spanish Federation for kissing Hermoso that Rubiales refused to read



Amid the controversy, RFEF wrote an apology that had to be read to the Spanish leader, but the Spanish leader chose to use his own words, which raised eyebrows internationally.

Suspicious kiss by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales , Spanish player Jenni Hermoso continues to be in the eye of the European hurricane. And in addition to the latest orders from the Prosecutor’s Office regarding the prohibition of leaders from approaching or contacting affected persons. A letter written by RFEF to Iberian football coaches has come to light. And that he refused to read.

The letter is far more self-critical than Rubiales’ own words at the Aug. 25 General Assembly meeting, in which she denounced “false feminism,” avoided a public apology, and, incidentally, He also refused to leave his position.

“When we almost fell and he left me on the ground, we hugged each other. He picked me up in his arms and pulled me close to his body and told me to forget about the penalty. And he said, “You’re a crack.” And I said, “A little bit?” She said, “Okay.” He gave him a final slap on the side and said goodbye, laughing as he left. That is the order of everything… There is no dominant desire or position, and everyone understands that,” said the leader in his own version of what happened at the meeting. .

However, RFEF, along with Rubiales’ external advisors, Luis Arroyo they had a different perspective on what he should say that day, and in that sentence he did not resign, but pondered the idea in a paragraph.

“From the bottom of my heart, I am very sorry for tarnishing the great victory of our women’s team…The first mistake was overstepping the bounds of trust with Jenni Hermoso. I know she had no malicious intent, but It is clear that what was intended to be a gesture of joy and celebration became a symbol of domination by men in positions of power over women. “highlighted the letter revealed by” world.

Along similar lines, Ms. Rubiales had to add: “Of course I am imperfect, but I consider myself a respectful citizen and have never accepted acts of violence or domination against women. The second mistake was that I initially denied the seriousness with which many appreciated my actions and insulted those who criticized them. After spending hours traveling with the federation’s players and coaches, I didn’t know what to make of the sensitivities of today’s society. ”

“Thirdly, I didn’t recognize the inappropriateness of my actions the next day and made subtle nuances and excuses. I said the same thing I would say now in three words, ‘I’m sorry,'” Should have. sorry’. I am completely confident that my actions are not punishable and I will confirm as necessary. However, it is clear that my actions were inappropriate, and I would like to once again apologize. I am under the discretion of the federation’s Integrity Area, and internal procedures have already begun. ” the letter ended.

It should be noted that Luis Arroyo was hired by Rubiales himself after the controversial “incident” experienced by the current former president of the Spanish Football Federation.

Source: Biobiochile

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