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Lawyer launches ‘fight’ to ban gambling dens from Chilean soccer: ‘ANFP cannot…’



Carlos Baeza, lawyer for platforms such as Betsson and Latamwin, has given his opinion following the Supreme Court’s decision declaring various gambling venues illegal in our country.

On September 12th, supreme court Dropped a “bomb” that triggered important changes chile soccer By declaring it as Illegal for a significant number of gambling establishments In the country.

In light of this, ANFP responded to Diario La Segunda as follows: “We have to find another sponsor (…), but the premise is simple: If they say the ruling is illegal, then they are illegal.” .

And it’s worth remembering that Creole football’s governing body had agreements with gambling houses to sponsor major tournaments. besson championship (first division) and besson promotion (first B). In this respect, there is indeed a problem that cannot be solved so easily.

For the same reason, attorneys on the Betano, Latamwin, and Besson platforms carlos baeza announced. There will be a significant fight to eradicate gambling dens from Chilean football .

Administrative bodies do not have the authority to cancel contracts; they are equivalent only to courts. ” began the jurist. the latest news.

Chilean soccer and gambling dens: fundamental issues

Another problem for Carlos Baeza is the spread of rumors that the club favors. audax italian which one Coquimbo Kingdom among other things, has ended its relationship with gambling establishments. “These are valid contracts concluded between the parties and, according to the law, they can only be terminated by mutual consent.” Said.

Meanwhile, the Chilean lawyer considered the decisive trends that could end the relationship between ANFP and the major gambling platforms, saying that everything depends on Quirin’s decision. Of course, he warned, it’s not that easy.

Mr. Baeza declared on behalf of the gambling establishments:There is a fundamental error in thinking that online gambling is illegal, and another error on the part of the Ministry of Justice in trying to arrogant authority by giving such instructions. ”.

ANFP cannot unilaterally enter into and terminate a contract. .There is another party entitled to demand performance of that contract (…) If Chileans can walk into a casino with ease, why shouldn’t they bet on the platform? ” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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