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He won without playing: ANFA notified Rota of victory in the first of 11 pending matches in Third B



Sport Lotta Schwager won the first three points without playing in Third B.

Third B’s first three points of the season. Sports Lota Schwager Confirmed that he has been declared the winner of the pending duel with Buenos Aires de Parral.

Recall that due to the return of the “Mine” team to the category following the court ruling, ANFA had to paralyze the competition and reschedule 11 matches of the Rotino team in just 22 days.

The first of these “back-to-back” matches was scheduled for this Wednesday, September 20th, but the Pararino team notified the governing body of their withdrawal from the match.

It was Rota himself who announced the victory through a statement. “Attention miners. ANFA has sent a letter in the last few hours informing us that the Bs Aires Parral team will not be participating in the match this Wednesday, September 20th,” the text reads. .

“The 1-0 result will determine the winner of the match,” it added.

In the third B tournament, the Southern Zone, they were already playing until the first day of the promotion league, but it goes without saying that everything was suspended due to a court order.

Currently, teams in this category are waiting for Lotta Schwager to finish the showdown and resume competition.

Source: Biobiochile

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