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“Prepare yourself and go free”: Orellana dedicates himself to Colocolo, historians give thumbs down



The former national team announced on his Twitch channel his intention to sign with the “cacique” even if he does not charge pesos.

Chilean soccer player despite being inactive since the end of 2022 Fabian Orellana He has made no secret of his desire to wear shorts again, and during a live broadcast on his Twitch channel, he revealed which team he would love to play for no matter what. CoroCoro .

The 37-year-old was supposed to be investigated by Hector Tapia’s Cacique in 2014 and again in 2021, but at the time he rejected the idea of ​​being coached by Gustavo Quinteros. He eventually went to Universidad Católica, where he appeared in 30 games, but was unable to make his network debut in a cross uniform.

“Tell me to take you there.” in “Historico”‘s response to a subscriber who suggested the idea of ​​arriving in Makuru, adding that one could also go without charging pesos. “Physically, I’m preparing, and if you want, I’ll play CoroCoro for free. I still have time left.” .

Although opinions were divided on this direct proposal, the reaction of white fans on social networks was immediate. However, although coach Blanco y Negro has not yet addressed the issue, two club leaders have come forward to close the door on the former Celta Vigo, Real Valladolid and Valencia midfielder. Ta.

in a conversation with Red Golwas Edio Inostroza – The 1973 Libertadores runner-up and technical assistant for the 1991 feat, spoke out against Quinteros to rule out the idea of ​​using Orellana.

“No. Colo Colo can’t be there for the experiment at the moment. There’s valuable history, but that’s not what the club needs right now… They also have headaches. Well, they’re going to keep asking questions later, and they’re going to throw the ball away, left and right. “Enough patch.” attacked by a former soccer player.

Meanwhile, the iconic former coach of the “Cacique” Mirko Jozic he worked with Inostroza to spoil the offer for the 37-year-old midfielder, ensuring that he lacked the level to be an option at the Monumental Stadium.

“I say no to him. Now it’s up to others to judge, but my opinion is that it’s not for Colo Colo anyway. “They need something else. We need to strengthen our high-level players.” he pointed out.

Source: Biobiochile

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