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Champions League epic: It was the Lazio goalkeeper’s incredible goal in the 95th minute that destroyed Atlético



Goalkeeper Ivan Proveder scored the equalizer in the 95th minute in the Champions League match between Lazio and Atlético Madrid.

Somehow with my last breatharcher Lazio, Ivan Proveder It completely ruined Atletico Madrid’s night. It was a look at how the technique, defensive rigor and ‘choro’ brilliant approach succumbed to the epic of football that has always been the game. champions league And it paid off for the Italian team, who didn’t deserve to lose.

When all was said and done and the seats at the Olimpico began to empty, Provedel started the race from the center of the field, and seconds later a unanimous cry of joy echoed throughout Rome, culminating in a shocking It became a sound. It means taking one point in their first Champions League match in three years.

The Olympics ended just as they had begun amidst heartfelt applause. First, yes, to Simeone, who thanked us for the 2000 Scudetto. After the Scudetto ended, the prominent presence of red and white disappeared from Roma until the first half. And then it reappeared, more by chance than by chance.

This is because Atlético Madrid were forced to take a conservative approach with the loss and completely handed over control to Lazio.

The stadium was lively and almost full, and Maurizio Sarri’s men were infected and felt as if they were in possession of the ball. Started creating first chances with Obragate K bit by bit sunk Atlético, who had more numbers than accuracy but knew that the game would necessarily depend on defensive order and solidity.

The only attacks that really worried Oblak’s goal were Zaccagni’s free-kick and the half-volley from the edge of the area from Luis Alberto, who was the most dangerous man and who excited the stadium with high pressure and showed leadership and desire. Ta. Let’s go into the game with faith.

The problem for Luis Alberto and his Biancoceleste team was that they scored a goal that silenced the Lazial fans in one of the few long possessions the Madrid team enjoyed in the first half. That’s the way to do it though.

Pablo Barrios won the gold medal with a far shot that was not aimed at the goal, but After Kamata deflected slightly, he beat Provedel, who could do little in the face of a sudden change of direction, which was the only ball between the three sticks in the first half of the colchonero team.

It was an unexpected reward for the visitors and too much punishment for Lazio, who were constantly roaming in the rival area, rarely conceding goals. The balsamic relief goal fell like a bucket of cold water for Sarri’s side and reinforced Simeone’s side’s game plan.

This mistake disappointed the Italians and seemed to give strength to the red and white, but from that moment on they began to control the ball. The omnipresent Griezmann provided support, commanded at will and imposed the pace of the game. It was a perfect result for Atlético de Madrid. Atlético Madrid were looking to cash in on the rebound again. This time Morata’s shot hit the post, setting up Samuel Reno’s close range shot. Associative movement. Provedel saved this by reducing the space.

But then, Lazio started to push into the final stages with more belief than argument, but in stoppage time, with Oblak as the savior, Atlético Madrid pulled through with their technique, experience in the game, and tenacity of rigor, and they were able to crush and blur them. I couldn’t do anything. With an approach to maintaining relationships.

However, he was unable to stop this epic and took his last breath on a special night for Lazio.. The goal ruined the red-and-white night as Provedel burst out of the crowd and headed in Luis Alberto’s brutal cross to end the match in style. .

Source: Biobiochile

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