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“Possibility of possession of explosives”: They reveal why local police inspect Verstappen



Max Verstappen was inspected by local Canadian police for possessing explosives in the Dutch driver’s garage.

Max Verstappen Was the winner last weekend Canadian Grand Prix, Here he extended the distance at the top Racing championship And he is lined up as someone who likes to be with him World title in this field. But one fact that wasn’t overlooked is Disputation of the day For the Dutch.

After winning the top of the podium pilot He received Unexpected visit from local police, The person who inspected the Dutch garage, Because you may have explosives According to the information from, from the team of runners Minute d

again, Ted Kravitz Network journalist Sky sportsConfirmed that it is a very common procedure F1 calendar interior And on this occasion it was the current turn World Champion Take this kind of research.

Despite the mysterious situation, Europeans Victory on Canadian land Position yourself as a possible winner of the competition Equation 1.. After a hesitant start, he demonstrated all his talents, Establish a position as a clear candidate. It’s unlikely that everyone can reach it, It’s up to him, Keep up with these good performances.

Source: Biobiochile

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