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Formula 1: Max Verstappen maintains pole position in Japan and takes big step towards title retention



Dutch driver Max Verstappen is one step closer to reclaiming the F1 world title with pole position at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), the outstanding leader of the World Championship formula 1refers to the reactivation of the title from the first position on the grid for this Sunday Japanese Grand PrixThe 18th competition, Suzuka Circuit.

The 25-year-old Verstappen has achieved his 18th ‘pole’ since racing in F1. This is his fifth race in Formula 1 of the season by covering his 5,807 meters of the Japanese track in his 1’29.304 on his best attempt soft his tyres. At a thousandth, he is only 10 less than Monaco’s Charles Leclerc and just 57 less than Spain’s Carlos Sainz, another Ferrari.

Taken dry, it was resolved in a tight fashion, but one day when the Dutch new sports idol topped all timetables except Q2 and expressed its intentions.

The Dutchman, who exhausted last Sunday and finished seventh in Singapore, won by his Mexican teammate, is in his first chance to leave the mathematically sentenced World Cup, at the legendary Honda-owned circuit. I will try to solve it “for the second time” at one Suzuka. , Austrian team motorcyclist.

Max becomes champion in Japanese ring with 4 races left As long as he adds 8 points more than Leclerc and 6 points more than ‘Checo’ who are third in the world championship – just two points from last year – will race from the second row next to Ferrari’s Spaniard.

There are many different combinations, but the most memorable for its simplicity is Verstappen winning the race with the fastest lap. Or, unless Leclerc finishes second on the legendary track, he wins without a fast turn.

The Japanese Grand Prix made its debut in the world championship at Fuji circuit in 1976, and at the final round of the year, in favor of British James Hunt, to the detriment of three-time Austrian world champion Niki Lauda. Decided that championship – just a few weeks ago at Germany’s Nürburgring, in a historic race marked by monsoon rains, he suffered a brutal injury (and almost burned himself).

There was no rain this Saturday at the circuit in Mie Prefecture, but unlike Friday, Englishman George Russell (Mercedes)’ – starting from row eight behind Alonso – set the best time in practice. And I ran on “slick tires” instead of intermediate or extreme rain tires. A day marked the best time on soft tires.

Verstappen had already done it in the third and final free practice hours before qualifying. Dutch Super Predator, winner of 11 of 17 races held this year , signing a time of 1:30.671, an improvement of 294 thousandths over Sainz and second in the Test, where Alonso finished fourth, six tenths. ‘Checo’ from fifth to his eighth.

Frenchman Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) dropped out on the first change in the first qualifying round where ‘Mad Max’ improved Sainz in response to the announcement that he would take the place left by the great Asturian pilot in the Alpine next year. I was. 1/10th: Fernando set his 4th time (1/37th difference) and the intrepid driver from Guadalajara set his 5th place (4/10th difference) 2 in Q1 Th.

Along with Gasly, who will be replaced by Dutchman Nick de Vries in Alpha Tauri, Dane Kevin Magnussen, who practiced for the fifth time with Haas in practice on Friday, also dropped out after the first act.

In Formula 1, where Spanish is increasingly spoken, the ‘Czech’, who lost a minute and a half in the beginning, was the fastest in the second quarter, 0.4 seconds faster than Alonso.

The two-time world champion from Asturias – who will be driving for Aston Martin next year – finished second in the second round of the main time, 4/4000 ahead of Verstappen. Finn Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo), who was second in the world when he was a Mercedes driver, was eliminated. Aussie Daniel Ricciardo has his eight wins in Formula One but may not stay at McLaren after this season, nor in the premier class.

The defining moment came in the third quarter. And, in a moment of truth, Ferrari were right there, but Verstappen was investigated for behavior that 10th-placed Brit Lando Norris (McLaren) on the grid accused him of harassing him before the ‘Chicane’. However, he lost part of the rear of his car with the last lap remaining and lifted his leg.

On the penultimate attempt, “Mad Max” – not sanctioned but reprimanded after the aforementioned investigation – improved Leclerc by a factor of 2.5 and 33/100 to Sainz. That lap was enough for him, as Monaco was within a hundredth of him and Carlos was “tired” of staying “a half distance from the pole where he is”.

Verstappen is already close to winning his second consecutive title. With four World Cups remaining after this Sunday’s race, they will be held in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Derived from meteorology, it does not specify an exact time, but indicates a very high chance of rain this Sunday.

“Mad Max” doesn’t care if it rains or not. “The important thing is to have a competitive car,” said the young Dutch star after qualifying. And Red Bull, who also win the Constructors’ World Championship, barring a genuine catastrophe, has it.

Source: Biobiochile

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