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The binomial Martinez Alvarez and Muñoz Recarto dominate after the first day of the Mobile Rally at La Union



The first day of the Kopec Rally Mobile finished in the Los Rios area with the two Martinez Alvarez. Martinez Alvarez shows Skoda he wants to fight for points above Fabia.

With a slight difference from the pursuer, Jorge Martinez and Alberto Alvarez advance to the first day of the Mobile Rally at La Union and with simple traction Patricio Munoz and Miguel Ricarto They are still the fastest in their class.

The first day of the Kopech Rally Mobile river area Together with the duo Martínez Alvarez, he will show that he wants to fight for points above Škoda Fabia. In wet fast stretches, The top binomial achieved the highest score at 26:45 left them with a Sunday advantage.

Second place goes to Los Angeles winner Alberto Heller and Luis Allende, separated by 11.3 seconds. Third place was finished by his brothers Pedro Heller and Pablo Olmos with a time of 50:01. Martín Suncio and Jose Luis Diaz had to leave the day due to crashes and are waiting to see if they will continue on Sunday.

As for how out-out to keep the lead, Martinez pointed out: There are so many good pilots out there today fighting more than you can guess. You have 11 seconds to spare, so let’s go full throttle ”.

Single-wheel drive Patricio Munoz and Miguel Recarto keep the accelerator fully pressed in their Peugeot 208. Achieved a time of 30 minutes and 7 seconds . Spain’s David Nafria and Juan Cruz Varela are 15 seconds behind. and the third is the binomial of pilot Nicolas Pérez and his navigator Enrique Pérez.

“The route was very good. In the first section I ran at La Union it cost me a bit to get a good time, but then in Putralo and Los Tractorless it went well. To win both sections. We have done it,” commented Argentinian sailor Miguel Ricarto.

Spain’s Nafria, who is making her Mobil Rally debut, speaks of her excitement about participating. “I knew about the championship from other drivers who had already raced it, and it was very informative, so I wanted to know first, but the truth is what they told me. Same, the stages are complex and technical, but they are very good, like understanding the dynamics of where the car slides, but we continue to enjoy and learn how it works.

In the category of the Avosur tournament, which participates on this day but has its own score, the Subaru STI of Carlos Soto and Guillermo Cardenas comes out on top with a time of 28:21. Team Perez Rozas followed with his 4.6s, with pilots Sebastian Kastain and Camiro González closing in on his third place with his 1:09.

This Sunday marks the final day of competition for Day 6 of the Mobile Rally. Athletes must cross the curves of the ‘Pantanos’ sector from 8:00 am and then cross the lines of the Huenue and Las Melisas areas. .

Source: Biobiochile

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