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World Rally returns to Chile: WRC returns to homeland after Covid-19 pandemic



Rally and WRC return to Chile after Covid-19.

good news for National sports such as rally competitions.

a while ago they confirmed Returning to WRC Chile after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This was announced in a statement published on the official WRC Twitter account, where it said: “The 2023 calendar, which runs from January to November, includes a series of regular outages and the return of Mexico and Chile for the first time since Covid-19.”

who also told about the important news chile and mexico was the Senior Director of WRC Promoter Events. Simon Larkin he declared: Tests are better distributed both inside and outside of Europe than before Covid.

“There was great demand Although the calendar places are limited, we are pleased with the scope and variety of events. They offer competitors a great sporting challenge. In addition to offering the highest profile events in each country.” is shown.

Source: Biobiochile

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