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Pablo Quintanilla completes a spectacular stage and approaches the motorcycle podium in the Dakar Rally



Chilean rider Pablo Quintanilla has completed the eighth stage of the Dakar Rally in style and is aiming for the motorcycle podium, even though he has shortened his time with the leaders.

Chilean Paul Quintanilla had a great day at Dakar Rally 2023 after finishing fourth in the motorcycle category in the eighth stage of the contest.

‘Quintafondo’ traveled between Al Duwadimi and Riyadh at 03H 52:47 in 822.94 seconds. This put him eight minutes ahead of the overall table leader. And it rose to 5th place in qualifying.

Botswana wins Day 8 Ross branch (03H 46′ 18”), capitalizing on the oversight of those who opened the route to win this Sunday.

The African pilots were escorted by Australian Daniel Saunders (03H 49′ 33″) and American Mason Klein (03H 49′ 51″).

Meanwhile, the general leader Skyler Howes The North American holds a time of 30 hours 33 minutes 16 inches, more than a minute ahead of second-placed Argentinian Kevin Benavidez (30 hours 34 minutes 29 inches).

So far, the podium is dominated by Mason Klein (30h 34m 29in), with Aussie Toby Price (30h 36m 14in) and Pablo Quintanilla himself (30h 37m 01in) a close second. it is continuing.

Another Chilean who fought on a motorcycle, Jose Ignacio Cornejo He finished 11th on this eighth day (03H 57′ 33″) and 9th overall.

worth mentioning Dakar Rally It will rest this Monday and resume activity on Tuesday 10 January on the 686 kilometers between Riyadh and Harad.

Source: Biobiochile

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