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Benjamin Herrera shines again in Europe, finishing 4th in the Italian Championship



Another good performance from Benjamin Herrera and the Old Continent.

Despite many complicated seasons, the national pilot benjamin herrera continues to improve his performance every time he rides the bike to compete in European races.

This time he did it on the last day of the Assoltti di Italia and managed to finish. He was fourth on the track both Saturday and Sunday.

In these two days of racing, Tarquino managed to achieve his best result of the year in the highest performance enduro championship on the Old Continent.

“It was a very good weekend. We were trying to get a podium position and although we didn’t achieve that, it put us in a very good position for the coming weeks,” said Herrera.

Additionally, the three-time Red Bull Los Andes winner commented that he was in second place for most of Saturday’s race. “I have always been on the right path. I was deputy leader until I took a bad fall in the motocross special and had to catch my breath and struggle to recover. However, I kept pushing and was able to finish in 4th place. ” he added.

The GTG Moto Gamma Lunigiana team riders’ attention is now on the final dates of the Enduro World Championship, Enduro GP, which will be held in Portugal in two weeks’ time.

“It takes several days to prepare everything, but we got this result.” We arrived confident that we can do a good job in Enduro GP, so we hope so,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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