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‘They played the American national anthem to us’: Condors captain reveals ‘key’ moments on the way to World Cup



Condres captain Martin Siguren highlighted a key moment in preparation, especially when training with the Marines at Talcahuano.

16 July 2022, Condor They made Chilean sports history. The 15th Annual Rugby National Team defeated the United States in a spectacular game in Denver, Earned the right to participate in the World Cup for working adults for the first time. of discipline.

Chile is currently finalizing details for dates from September 8 to October 28 this year. Maximum number of appointments in France Group D will face England, Argentina, Japan and Samoa.

With less than four months until the World Cup, the team’s captain said: Paul Lemoine Highlighted the key moments of preparation, especially the point of preparation. Train with Marines at Talcahuano before the decisive clash with the Americans.

martin sigren Said wireless “One of the key parts of preparation is whenThey sent you to Talcahuano as a Marine for a week. , to strengthen the mental part. 60% of qualifying is head and the rest is physical. Managing pressure and asking for more than what’s in front of you. ”

“They gave us a little course Preparation method .We had passed the physical exam, which asked mainly for the head part (the mental part) and always Listening to the US national anthem like Trigger or Rival “, he added.

After that, the Chilean third line said, “Every time, we were doing something good They played us the (national) anthem as a prize.people will understand patriot with Marines they infected us With all the madness they have to arrive as a soldier to the game.”

Chile’s last surprise was that 31-29 After losing to “Aguilas” at Infinity Park Stadium, 19-0 . huge national task.

Finally, when asked about other factors why Chile was able to qualify for the World Cup on French soil, Siguren said:many elements match .beginning arrival of new coach : Uruguayan Pablo Remowan has come to propose to his players a high-performance structure in which a select group of players start training professionally without pay. ”

“Then the area began to arm itself bit by bit. South America’s first professional tournament 2020 is coming. slur ~First professional South American Tournament~ Offers more games …In this tournament, we were on the same team as the national team, and we spent three years together. form a good team to which the following coefficients are added: talent and the desire We had to want to change history,” he said.

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Source: Biobiochile

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