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Manuel Astorga turns on fans against Marcelo Rios: ‘He is the most deplorable being, my worst mistake’



Physical trainer Manuel Astorga held nothing back, attacking his former manager Marcelo Rios and reaching the pinnacle of world tennis with him.

“He is the most deplorable being.” Acquisition of physical trainer qualification with harsh words From Manuel Astorga to tennis player Marcelo Rios he had a controversial relationship when they worked together.

In a complicated incident in La Serena, “Chino” was run over by Astorga and the relationship was completely broken. “The worst mistake I ever made in my life was working with him.” guarantee the third.

Astorga doesn’t even care that the two were successful in their sport and became number one in the world when they worked together. “I can’t stand ungrateful people. I can’t stand vulgarity. I can’t get enough of the spicy food. I can’t lie,” he explains.

“Because someone is number one in the world, or has a lot of money, or has a great title, or someone is tall enough to talk about, I’m not open to backlash or ‘slander’. I can’t stand it. For me, my biggest failure as an education teacher and as a graduate is Marcelo Rios. ” We guarantee.

“I remember being named the best physical trainer in the world in 1996 and 1998 by the Circle of Sports Journalists. But I’m not the best to work with Rios.”, pointed out.

Astorga does not save anything. He even accuses Rios and his circle of trying to cheat former coach Larry Stefanki. “People say he fired him. Because Jorge Rios didn’t want to pay him the $500,000 bonus. ”

“The deal was that if he played No. 1 for even one week, he would pay Larry a bonus. They didn’t pay it. He sued in the US. I had to pay within a month,” he concludes.

Manuel Astorga darts arriving in a few days Shan Junchen, One of the biggest promises of the ATP circuit today confirms that. He ended his relationship with Rios as a coach, thinking he was “disrespectful”.

“The most important thing for me and my family is to be a good person. Respect others. That’s the most important thing he wants to show on and off the field and with Marcelo I think that’s not 100% expressed by him. It’s a shame it didn’t work out,” Shang claimed.

Final stick from Rios to Astorga: ‘I worked with a clown for 10 years’

As for Marcelo Rios, it must be remembered that he was devoted to insulting the work of Manuel Astorga.

Halfway through an interview with Arturo Vidal, it was the case in 2020 that he praised the “king” physical trainer and decided to send a “stick” to Astorga.

“When you watch this interview and find out that you might have a PF by your side, he doesn’t know him and even if you don’t see how he treats you physically, I find that I am very clear about my work,” said ‘Chino’.

But the worst of the day happens later. “I’m so happy that I didn’t have the chance to have someone by my side who made me feel good every day. Plus, I spent 10 years with a clown. I can’t wait to come back and have people trained. I wish you every success. “

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