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Club Pato Cornejo denies state assets, $1 million debt: ‘We owe nothing’



The Pato Cornejo Club has clarified that it has no pending accounts with the Department of National Assets and has denied $560 million in debt.

tennis player dogwood duck Mr. (78), owner and founder of the sports club that bears his name, Ministry of Home Affairs Given that an amount of $560 million was paid to the entity to settle the monthly rent.

“Late last year, the current administration reached an agreement with the Council for Defense (CDE), an entity acting on behalf of the Ministry of BBNN, to pay $560 million against existing debt. Now,” said the former athlete.

He added that he made this clear ahead of reports showing that the sports club owes the ministry.

He also explained that the debt occurred after 2019, After being in charge of running the club for five years he was unable to pay his rent as the government forced the premises to close for over a year in April 2020 due to the pandemic.

“We had a club closed for a long time, unable to function and had to pay rent. We asked the minister at the time several times for an opportunity to adjust the debt, but he refused.” emphasized Cornejo.

Additionally, after winning the club’s bid in May 2019, along with a group of investor friends, they discovered that the club was not in good shape and needed investment to restore the gym, courts and pool. I noticed that. It took about 5 months. When everything is ready, The club’s reopening date was set for 18 October 2019, but a social epidemic broke out on that day and everything had to be postponed .

Patrick Alfaro The club’s administrator, explained that the delivery date was set for January 15th of this year as agreed with the CDE. However, just days before that deadline expired, a letter was sent to the ministry requesting that the current manager remain in charge of the club until the club is put up for tender again. We have yet to receive a formal response from the ministry to this request.

Cornejo, 78, said he continues to work at the club every day from 7:30 a.m. Monday to Monday and that he hopes to remain in charge of the venue until the ministry decides whether to bid again. . Or decide to take a different path regarding your future.

“About 100 people will lose their jobs if the club closes, many of whom have worked with me since I opened the club in 1993. Additionally, all sporting activities in the community will be terminated. Families come to life, friendships come to life and health comes to life at this club.

In exchange for remaining in charge of the club, the ministry was offered a monthly rental fee higher than the cost it would have meant for the ministry to maintain the club while it was closed.

According to Patricio Alfaro, if the BBNN Ministry shuts down the club, there will be no way to manage the club and both the court and pool will require daily maintenance. . .

Pato Cornejo Sports Club was founded in 1993 on land that used to be a landfill. The tennis player was able to save up for the rest of his life and build a complex after obtaining a permit from the municipality.

Source: Biobiochile

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