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Novak Djokovic not afraid of Mufa against Tommy Paul: ‘I’ve never lost a semi-final in Australia’



The Serbian tennis player defeated Andrei Rublev to face the Americans this Friday.

serbian Novak Djokovic After beating Russia’s Andrei Rublev in the quarterfinals, he assured a press conference that he had never lost a semifinal at the Australian Open and was confident of continuing the line.

“I’ve run into situations like this many times. I’ve never lost a semi-final in Australia and I hope it continues.” described the ‘Nolls’ as they went on a 26-game winning streak at Melbourne Park.

When it comes to advancing to the last four rounds, the multi-champion analyzes his next rival, American Tommy Paul, and highlights: “He played probably the best tennis of his life here. It’s so explosive and dynamic. He’s fast and has a very solid backhand. He has a great serve movement, he can serve anywhere. .

In this sense, the Serb refers to his current level, “I had a great year in Australia and I can’t say I feel better than ever here this year. Beating them for dominance is definitely what I want now.” .

Alluding to the fans who haunted him in his final game of serve and forced him to spend a few extra seconds concentrating, he said: We can’t do much. There are only a few people, and the entire mass cannot be judged by just a few people. If someone crosses the line and starts making comments that don’t match the meaning of supporting a player, that’s my reaction.

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