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Challenger 100 Dove Men+Care South American Legion Brings the Best of Tennis to Concepcion



Held for the third year in a row, the tournament will be held from January 23-29 at the Spanish Stadium in Chiguayante and will feature notable Chilean tennis players such as Alejandro Taviro (100th) and Nicolas Jari (152nd). To do. °), Gonzalo Lama (261 °), Tomas Barrios (230 °). On January 26th (Thursday), a tennis clinic open to the public will be held at the same venue.

circuit for 3 consecutive years Dove Men + Care South American Legion created by Horace of Pena Supported by Personal Care Brands of Unilever arrives on Chilean soil and delights the public with the best tennis in the Biobio region.

This time, I’m playing Challenger 100 Concepcion. From Monday, January 23 to Sunday, January 29 Initialize Spanish Stadium of Chiguayante .

The entry list for this edition includes important names in domestic tennis such as: Alejandro Tabio (100°) and Nicholas Jarry (152°) is also part of the team that plays the Davis Cup.

The Chileans who jump onto the field have tough competition ahead of them as they have to compete for the podium. Argentina’s Federico Delbonis (No. 125), Peru’s Juan Pablo Barrillas (No. 105), Bolivia’s Hugo Darien (No. 132) and Colombia’s Daniel Galán (No. 741) defend their titles. .

“We are proud to bring the Dove Men + Care Legión Circuit to different cities in Chile for the third consecutive year. We have sought to encourage care both on and off the court, with initiatives that enable a better transition to rhythm and promote sport and healthy living, to enjoy this incredible sporting spectacle. participating family Sonia Coscia, Unilever Marketing Manager .

Horacio de la Peña said: “We are very happy to bring the best tennis to the Biobio region for the third year in a row. Thanks to the Dove Men+Care Legión Sudamericana Circuit, Concepción is already a staple on the Challenger calendar. I have.”

“This year’s tournament will be Category 100 with more points and prizes awarded. Alejandro Taviro Thomas Barrios and Gonzalo Lama They ensure Chile’s presence in the tournament is very high. ”

There are also activities for the whole family during the week, such as: Public tennis clinic will be held at the same Spanish stadium January 26th .

De la Peña said, “We are preparing to welcome many people who can enjoy the tennis clinic that brings the sport closer to children.

Other key takeaways are that the Dove Men+Care Legión Sudamericana circuit not only provides points for the ATP rankings, but promises to encourage white sports youth to transition to the professional circuit and play at home to improve their level. It is also an excellent showcase for to their tennis careers by giving them access to more and better opportunities.

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Source: Biobiochile

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