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Concepcion Challenger: Barrios has physical problems and loses to Cerundro in the first round



Chile’s Tomás Barrios bid farewell to Challenger de Concepción in the first round after suffering physical problems after not being able to face Argentina’s Juan Manuel Cerundro.

Chilean tennis player Thomas Barrios (218th) was fired in the first round Concepcion Challenger 100 after falling in three sets (6-1, 6-7 (), 1-6) against Argentina Juan Manuel Cerundro (121st).

Despite starting the Duel at a high level, the people had physical problems In the second sleeve, they took him out of the game in favor of the 4th seed for the Penquista tournament.

Barrios dominated the first set. He did not give his rivals a chance to enter the match and ended up with a clear 6-1 offense.

The start of the second set was similar, ranked 218th in the ATP rankings, and showed off a repertoire of shots against Cerundro who couldn’t find an answer.

Nevertheless, Chile’s Requested First Medical Break Comes There was a problem with one leg, which he had bandaged but continued running around the court with obvious signs of pain.

Despite the above, the offense was defined in a tiebreak in which the Argentinians did not miss a chance to win 7–5.

Already in the third set, Tomás Barrios could barely outwit his rival. Serundro showed no weaknesses and took advantage of the venue’s physical discomfort (he had to request another medical break) to eventually win 6-1 and improve his presence in the Round of 16. Secured.

In the round of 16, the Trans-Andes will face his compatriots Hernan Casanova (233rd) defeated Brazil’s Mateus Pucinelli de Almeida in three sets (6-7, 6-1, 7-6).

Source: Biobiochile

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