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‘Hope it’s full’: Chino Rios shown training for exhibition with Corretja, Spaniard reacts



Marcelo Rios has uploaded a video to the network and appears to be training in Chile for an exhibition with Alex Corretja of Spain on March 17th.

Chilean tennis player Marcelo Rios already domestic On Friday 17 March, the exhibition will feature a duel with Spain’s Alex Corretja on the asphalt carpet of Gran Arena Monticello.

1998 ATP Ranking No. 1 also rises in network video of him training The Hispanic tennis legend, Masters Tournament winner and former World No. 2 will face off in this one.

“I already had Chilean training for the exhibition and Invite them to hopefully fill up We promise a beautiful show, so we have the support of all the Chileans,” she said on Instagram, showing “Chino.”

Given this, the Spaniards answered Chilean publication. “You hit it perfectly, Chino!!! I don’t make videos, so I don’t know the level, but I’m excited until the end! Hugs and a lot of desire,” he wrote.

Marcelo Rios

They’re 2 vs 2 in matches against each other, but they no longer play for ranking points or adding trophies to their showcase. passion for tennis The pleasure of beating an opponent just for sporting competition.

“Very excited. It’s a game that’s been around for a long time because it should have been played. March 17th we’re in Monticello fantasies and desires ”, shown to the Europeans at the end of February wireless .

“We’re very tactical players, maybe our players who played in a different era when power wasn’t so prevalent, strategy Added correcha.

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