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Between a little aggression and ‘bad luck’: Tabilo’s self-criticism after losing to Canada in the Davis Cup



The Chilean tennis player expressed his feelings after losing his Davis Cup duel to Alexis Galarneau 6-3, 7-6.

Alejandro Tabilo (124th place) Replaces Cristian Garin in the duel after receiving a motivational boost from Nicolas Massu alexis garraneau betting on Davis Cup unfortunately ended as follows. canada’s victory .

The Toronto-born Chilean fought through the first set, but fell to a low level in the second against the astute North American tennis player who was pulling the strings on his contract. 6-3 and 7-6 in your favor .

Even more aware of that, and the severe setbacks it qualifies (despite the fact that it is still possible) Chances of Chile advancing to the contest Among the most important tennis nations, Tabilo was self-critical when analyzing his poor presentation.

“I felt like (Galarneau) was very comfortable with the conditions and Alexis played very well. “’Jano’ began each press conference by saying:

Emphasizing his attitude, Luckett is committed to “We had a chance to be a little more aggressive, but we were just trying to learn from it and focus on the next game, but it was a tough loss.” .

On the other hand, when asked if there was any pressure since he replaced Garin, the doubles representative also affirmed that he has always had the desire to play singles.

“Every day can change. It was a last minute thing, we talked about it at night…nothing more, anyone could have played But those are decisions that have to be made,” he said.

The tennis player, who is considering competing in doubles with Tomas Barrios, said: we still have a chance to pass r, we still need to score all the points at all points and focus on the double and see if there are some changes in the last moments as well. “You have to be ready for anything.”

“we had Bad luck with the ball.But today too , parallel to and very close to today’s set point. If there had been a little more, it would have passed. There was a point in the first set that changed everything.There was a chance to go 6-6 even in the tiebreak. . I hope learning will give us that next time,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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