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‘He messed us up’: Fans attack Nicolas Massu for replacing Tabilo with Garin in Davis Cup



International fans attacked Nicolas Massu and his decision to remove Cristian Garin and replace him with Alejandro Tabilo in the first game against Canada, resulting in a loss to Alexis Galarneau.

Chile facing an important key Canada inside davis cup final an amazing tennis tournament where each country’s representative competes against Group A of the tournament. Italy American, and Sweden .

The delegates made an impressive presentation before the conference, but swede defeated them in all three games.

However, before the representative of European boots there was a real failure. Comparable to everything in the series.

That’s why today, Chile need to add victory against Canadian However, he conceded the opening goal on a last-minute decision. Canada .

It turned out that on the first shift I was planning to retire Cristian Garin (N°103) in view of alexis garraneau but Nicola Massu Change to “Gago” and enter from the beginning Alejandro Tabilo (N°124) lost 3-6, 6-7 (4) to an opponent ranked 200th in the world.

This has been widely commented on national fan The one who attacked the captain of Chile former Viña Marino tennis player, for a final fix.

On social networks, you can see how multiple messages charge you. Wow for your decision.

The message to the former national racket included: “Nicolas Massu made the most schizophrenic decision. History has ruined us half and half. Goodbye, I’m going to sleep, We toy with ugly coaches and players. ” “Tabilo’s 40 unforced errors. Massu’s change is bad. ”

So far, Chile has lost the series. Canada but nicholas jarry They are fighting to give the Americans an early lead, and the balance is starting to tip in the balance as they look to decide their place in the final round. Davis Cup.

Check out the comments on Nicolas Massu’s decision to play against Canada in the Davis Cup

Source: Biobiochile

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