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‘We talked about it’: Jarry celebrates win over Diallo, comments on Tabilo’s surprising change over Garin



Chilean tennis number one Nicolas Jarry spoke out this Saturday about his important victory over young Gabriel Dalio and the surprising substitution of Tabilo for Garin in the first singles of the series.

nicholas jarry The Chilean tennis number one mentioned his important victory against the young player this Saturday. Gabriel Diallo settles the Davis Cup final series between Chile and Canada 1-1.

Additionally, “Tower” commented on the changes that occurred with the first single. Nicola Massu , Alejandro Tabilo replaces Cristian Garin previous first single alexis garraneau .

First, Jaime Fillol’s grandson explained how he ended up facing a young North American player in a singles match after a violent collision with an Italian player. Lorenzo Sonego And it ended very late in Bologna.

“Start on recovery. During the season, throughout the year, you often finish very late and have to recover. I had the experience of what to do, I was well rested and slept well. ” he said.

About the finished cross with Diallo 6-4 and 6-4 The 27-year-old from Santiago said: “Starting 0-1 is not the same as starting 1-0, but we have to be stronger and things don’t always start in our favor. ” he pointed out.

“The idea is to do the best you can, and even in the second set, I started by breaking the first game and that gave me strength.” lots of confidence To play better as the game progresses,” he added.

When asked if he was expecting difficult crash “It’s very hard to expect anything,” Jarry said, considering the Canadian went undefeated in the final. It’s Davis . You can hope he continues to play the same way, you can wait like Sonego played yesterday, or you can confidently pay everyone and hope they win. He is also expected to make a poor play and get caught. We have to see how the match goes. ”

Finally, the first domestic racket was Tabilo’s surprising change to Garin In the first single, wave of criticism In the network against Massu.

We discussed it as a team. . I always have very good communication with Nico. I was able to take a good photo . “That might have been a nice surprise,” he noted.

“Alejandro was resting and conserving his strength, so I didn’t see much of him playing. What I saw a little bit was that he was playing better in training. Could not transfer to party “, He said.

Source: Biobiochile

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