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‘Many points would have changed history’: Massu reveals Chile’s complex outlook in Davis



After losing 2-1 in the crucial match against Canada, Chile is waiting for a miracle that Sweden will continue the race against Italy and be included in the Davis Cup last eight selection group.

Chile He fought until the last moment with his participation in this competition. davis cup final in tennis competitions at the national level, there is still a mathematical possibility that the national rackets will enter the selection group of the best eight, but they will have to wait for a real miracle from the national side Sweden vs Italy.

In the first key, Chilean they defeated them by force swede showing excellent quality and category against the degraded Scandinavian cast.

On the second day, the situation for the national team became complicated. 3 to 0 Against the elements of European boots, they knew how to achieve victory only against those who were guided, with the drive and determination that being at home gave them. Nicholas Massu.

But in the third series, which is already the last one, Chile They lost 2-1 to Canada, leaving their fate in the hands of what they could. Sweden vs Italy To advance the Nationals to the next round.

Captain’s words

After losing in doubles (Tabilo-Tomás Barrios) In front of the Americans, the head of the delegation said, Nicola Massu in a press conference he focused on all the points that could change Chile’s history. Group A of the Davis Cup Final.

In this regard, the two-time Olympic medalist and former racquet player explained: important moment When we were there, very close “There were many points in this Davis Cup that could change the history of Chile.”

“If I had taken advantage of yesterday’s opportunity, Italy , history would have been different. There were various factors, but we fought until the end. “They gave everything they had and gave their best effort.” He declared.

Tabilo was replaced by Garin in the match against Canada.

Another point he mentioned in his statement was the last-minute change in the first round against the Canadian. Cristian Garin (N°103) he gave his position to Alejandro Tabilo (ATP 124th) in view of Alexis Galarneau (200th place) the duel ended in defeat, giving the North Americans their first point.

Massu admitted in his own words: Jarry and Garin they will play singles, Area with Tabilo It was doubles like the previous series, but we arrived at the hotel very late yesterday. christian “He told us he was feeling physical discomfort.”

“This morning we talked about Garin To know how he feels. He told us the same thing. physical discomfort And I believed my teammates were better able to play,” he suggested.

Current Davis Cup format

Finally, he also mentioned the current format. davis cup the final was full of criticism from various delegations.

In this connection, “Nico” He pointed out: world group You can do it locally. “I don’t want this generation to miss out on the opportunity to play properly for their country.”

“In order for tennis to become popular and create equal conditions, south america Whether it is possible or not, it is possible. In the end, I ask myself, If you always have to play when visiting And we will no longer have the opportunity to live in a neighborhood that suits us. That’s what I hope I can compare, it’s good for everyone,” he concluded.


The rest is up to you. Sweden vs Italy on the Sunday shift.

Among the useful results are Chile Enter the selection group consisting of the top 8 davis cup , Sweden We have to win 3-0 in the series with Italy I hope the national team can advance without any problems.

If the Scandinavians lose 2 to 1 To the people of Europe’s boots, led by Wow To see who gets the pass to the next round, we need to calculate the partial results to see if the Italians outperform by some points. 3 to 0 to Borg Ymer and the company, Chile He bid farewell to any possibility of continuing his career at Davis.

Source: Biobiochile

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