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They create a system to detect people’s emotions while reading digital texts



Computer systems can help detect hate messages and problems related to people’s mental health, such as depression.

Technological progress surprises the whole world every day. In fact, a group of European researchers have invented a computational tool that can detect the emotions a person experiences when reading digital text.

In a conversation with Agencia EFE, experts reported that it was a system that works with artificial intelligence and would not help “spies” in any case. The author stated that the invention represents an advancement in this matter.

Sophisticated computer systems can be thought of as humans can, and can be used to detect hate messages and detect mental health problems such as depression in time.

How does this technology work?

Baptized under the name of “Depeche Mood ++” Designed by researchers at Madrid Institute of Technology (PSU), Bruno Kessler Foundation From Italy University of Twente (Netherlands) and French company recital.

This tool uses a natural language processing model and artificial intelligence to accurately measure the emotions expressed when reading a text and provide a complete report for later analysis.

UPM’s Intelligent Systems Group is cooperating with this project to enable automatic emotion detection on the Internet and is also involved in European initiatives. Participation Use artificial intelligence to study how radical content is distributed on the Internet and how it affects society.

What does the tool consist of?

The Researcher Oscar Araque Explained that it is a lexicon, an annotated vocabulary that expresses the emotions associated with each word, and that it is a very popular resource in the field of natural language processing to provide the necessary subjectivity. I did, but the computer lacks it.

“We teach the system how humans express emotions,” said Oscar Arake, explaining that his team is using learning algorithms for this.

But he argued that it was a resource used solely for research and that they even rejected proposals from businesses to gain financial benefits.

Although “nothing is used by spies”, it can be implemented to find emotions expressed by users on social networks, etc., but UPM researchers say (by race and gender). I warned about the risks that prejudice always carries. All artificial intelligence systems and the potential consequences they have on people’s daily lives.

According to Areque, the ability to automatically analyze the emotions a user expresses is relevant without the need for a special person to perform this task.

For example, a company that is very active on social networks and wants to know what their customers think without having to rely on summaries to analyze the thousands of comments they may receive each day. I mentioned it. It can do this tool.

Depeche Mode +++ can detect up to 6 different emotions (fear, fun, happiness, sadness, discomfort, anger) using resources previously developed in two languages ​​(English and Italian). ..

Oscar Arake described this project Participation Studying radicalization and its expansion on the Internet, especially among young users, psychological and social studies show that emotions play a fundamental role in spreading this type of content. I point out that. He also emphasized that these types of resources can be very helpful in detecting and stopping unwanted content.

“It’s relatively easy to generate incorrect information, but it’s much more expensive to analyze and discuss why that information is incorrect,” the researchers said.

He also uses this tool to analyze the messages of people suffering from depression, beyond the usefulness of having to detect hate speech and analyze promotions. He claimed that he could even recommend seeking treatment.

Source: Biobiochile

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