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Chinese scientists found traces of water on the moon: it could be indigenous



Traditionally, lunar water is thought to have been buried as a result of the solar wind or meteorites and comets, but this time they say it could be indigenous.

Chinese scientists have identified traces of lunar water. Some of them are indigenous Today we will cover the state media CGTN..

Experts published their conclusions in the scientific journal Nature Communications on Tuesday, based on information gathered from lunar samples and images collected by the Chang’e 5 mission.

They were able to identify at least two origins. The water brought by the solar wind and the water unique to the moon. Report the media.

Chang’e 5 Area where the mission landed It contained apatite minerals showing traces of native hydroxyl .. The latter is composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms and is the main component of water.

Apatite collected by Chang’e 5 Fewer crystal debris associated with the solar wind by experts One of the possible sources of water on the surface of the moon.

The presence of crystals in the sample is one-third lower than that collected by the US mission Apollo 11. This explains the chain of states.

One of the purposes of Chang’e 5 was to accurately investigate the existence of lunar water, which is the key to understanding the formation and evolution of satellites. The presence of water on the moon may even provide human settlements in the future Point to the middle.

The Chang’e program (named after the Moon-dwelling goddess, according to Chinese legend) began with the launch of the first spacecraft in 2007.

In addition, in recent years, Beijing has made significant investments in space programs, achieving milestones such as landing a spacecraft on the other side of the moon in January 2019. This is an achievement that no country has ever achieved.

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