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A SpaceX employee who wrote an open letter condemning Elon Musk’s actions was fired



Last week, a group of SpaceX employees wrote an open letter condemning the bad behavior of company CEO Elon Musk. So they pointed out that their behavior in the public sphere was “a frequent cause of distraction and embarrassment.”

After a collective complaint that meant a letter to SpaceX executives where employees accused Elon Musk of cheating The president of a company that called the movement “excessive activism” ..

to this Since then, several employees who participated in the initiative have been dismissed. Specifically, who drafted the letter.Last Thursday, June 16th, they were discharged and recorded New York TimesI was able to access an email sent by Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX.

Documentation, details, He mentioned a bad reputation that recently fell into the company .. Primarily due to the mask dispute over the purchase of Twitter, his official statement, and the sexual harassment complaints he received.

“Eron’s actions in the public sphere It ’s a frequent cause of distraction and embarrassment for us. Especially in the last few weeks, “said the employee.

again, Proposed some actions to sanction Elon Musk .. These were “publicly addressing and condemning Elon’s harmful behavior on Twitter.” “Make all company leaders equally accountable”; and “clarify what is intended by the” non-ridiculous “and” zero tolerance “policy to apply them consistently.” Define to. “

As Shotwell said in the email, The letter made employees uncomfortable, intimidated, and angry. .. “The letter pressured them to sign something that didn’t reflect their views,” he said.

there He added that activities at the company are not a priority. “We have too much important work to accomplish and we don’t need this kind of overkill.”

However, one of the SpaceX employees who participated in the process said The Verge.. “”This letter was the result of a month of devoted effort. .. And seek feedback to ensure that you get as much information as possible. ” for now, Musk has not publicly commented on the situation. ..

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