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GT NEO 3 NARUTO Edition: This is a smartphone that is popular in China and has the potential to reach Chile



It also has the utility of a regular smartphone, but it’s the phone that can be considered “collectable” with the utmost care. So far, only some units have been launched in China and there is currently no news about when they will arrive in Chile.

This model and its predecessor Dragon Ball.. A few days ago, BioBioChile was able to access the GT NEO3 Naruto Edition A phone inspired by Reef Village’s beloved character, who could reach Latin America.

It’s about the company For realthat We aim to get involved with pop and otaku culture through anime-themed products. ..After the successful launch of the GT NEO2 Dragon Ball Z Edition in China, they bet on the younger generation by designing an inspiring model. When it comes to..

But the truth is that both series are cross-cutting, progressing from generation to generation, even if their heyday was decades ago. Dragon Ball The first chapter aired in 1986 and continues to this day. When it comes to Departed in 2002, ended in 2017, followed by a sequel bolt This continues to this day.

But despite their age, they are always seen and read both by new generations and in the repetition of those who have already enjoyed them. For example in Chile Manga sales increased by 600% between 2020 and 2021 When it comes to What is at the top of the bestsellers .. According to data from the Mercado Libre platform.

This is the GT NEO3 Naruto version

The phone is special, not just because its appearance is set on the clothes When it comes to,Also Brings some elements that make the experience more reliable for anime fans .. And that is that all the details are related to the universe of the series.

Needless to say, even the box is shaped like a scroll, much like what Naruto brings in his mode. Senin.. Inside there is a mobile phone and a quick charger that also has the color of the character.the latter Can be fully charged for 15 to 20 minutes ..

gt-neo-3-naruto-Naruto Edition

You can also combine elements such as the Uzumaki clan logo and needles to open the trunk of the chip in the shape of the Leaf Village logo.

The back of the device is simply a Naruto jacket ( Shippuden) Y It has metal details that simulate the classic bandana of a leaf ninja. .. But even that interface has references to the series, so not everything ends up in its appearance.

The icons are typical of the visual appearance of the anime or are in the form of Naruto’s power. Also, the moment it is connected to the current, While loading, you will see an animation that simulates Rasengan ..

It also has the utility of a regular smartphone, but it’s the phone that can be considered “collectable” with the utmost care. for now, Only some units have been launched in China and so far there is no news of their arrival in Chile. ..

gt-neo-3-naruto-Naruto Edition

Source: Biobiochile

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