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Soji app, a painter’s house cleaning application: that’s how it works



Three friends from Conception embarked on an adventure over four years ago with the goal of creating an app that connects customers and suppliers of different types of cleaning services. Currently, their application will be released in July.

“Great cleaning” or “deep cleaning” Souji (Japanese), the name of the application that will be operational in July. Ricardo Soto, Anibal Parga, Christopher Campos Three painter friends.

After more than four years of development, it will be released for use on mobile phones by Gran Conception users.

according to Ricardo Soto, CEO of Soji The simplest form of Understanding apps imagines applications like Uber, Requests Now, InDriver, but cleaning ..

“This is a platform where anyone can register and post and find the cleaning services they need, such as cleaning apartments and homes, cleaning pets and cars.” The author explains.

“At the same time, you can see the offers that currently exist for this type of service or other services. Finally, we can also provide a cleaning service if needed.” He elaborated. “This is a social network, but I’m cleaning it.” He added.

Origin of the Soji app

Regarding the origin of the application, Ricardo, Anibal and Christopher agree that it was the first time they came up with an idea a few years ago. As for the exact moment, they asserted that none of the three remembered it well.

“It’s something I started to look at little by little, and then it happened to me. There’s always something to clean, so I can meet this need for quick cleaning at home and at the same time need it. An application that can create jobs for people ” Soto explained the motive behind the creation of mobile applications.

“The best thing I remember was when Ricardo said it was cool. The next day (at home), after welcoming guests, I could call someone to wash the pile of dishes. It was done. The solution was an app and was thought to extend to more cleaning services. ” explanation Christopher Campos, Soji-App ..

Therefore, this idea of ​​quick cleaning at home has changed over time and has made us want to monopolize all types of cleaning. “Ricardo didn’t know how to do that, so Christopher and I worked with developer Ciruelo Software to define a mobile platform that provides / provides cleaning services from mobile phones. Specifies Aníbal Parga.

How does the app work?

Parga states that the application only works as Mediation between client and provider And the payment is initially made through Mercado Pago.

For what the app can get by providing this platform, Parga says it There is a fee for those who provide cleaning services Therefore, the client is not directly affected by using the application and is always freedom ..

“The model is similar to Uber in that it integrates the client and the service provider, except that the client and the service provider jointly agree on a price.” Details of Campos.

In addition, Soji always protects end users General ratings and comments on who provides the service In addition to the request Identification and background certificates for registering with the application , Confirmed its creator. “There are several ways to protect end users,” says Parga.

The app will be available on your device Android and iOS From July.

Source: Biobiochile

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