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Fiber Optics in the Atacama Desert: MUNDO Provides Connectivity to Critical Extreme E-Race



For the first time in Latin America, Extreme E off-road car competition . world telecommunications We came to the Atacama Desert to install a fiber optic link that will provide a symmetrical 1000Mbps connection for the event.

Antofagasta Minerals, main sponsor Extreme E Those responsible for bringing this race to Chile will host the next race September 24th and 25th in the atacama desert Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix .

This is an all-terrain electric car racing concept that competes in remote affected areas. climate change to raise awareness about pollution and environmental care.

Within that framework, world telecommunications Arrive at the Atacama Desert Install a fiber optic link what you get Symmetrical 1000Mbps connection depending on the scale of the event.

Enrique Coulembier, CEO of MUNDO Telecommunications, said: thanked the event organizers for their trust in the company’s services.

“We face the enormous challenge of bringing fiber optics to the Atacama Desert. This is an unprecedented technical and human undertaking, but our collaborators have done it with all the spirit that defines us as a company. and reached places others cannot reach,” he said.

Similarly, executives said, “MUNDO Telecomunicaciones built 120 km link from Calama to the race circuit , located 25 km from Sierra Gorda, is in the process of construction and laying of textiles, always respecting environmental considerations. ”

Provides the fastest and most stable 1 Giga speed links on the market. Made 5 construction workers available at all times to implement signals. 20 technicians, engineers, construction professionals, supervisors, area his managers and other collaborators made this project possible and we are proud of it,” he added.

Extreme E | Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix

Using mixed teams as part of the principle of gender inclusion, this type of race has a self-sustaining and zero carbon footprint policy.

For this reason, all environmental protection measures have been taken to protect the archaeological and paleontological heritage of the site.

The ten competing vehicles and all the infrastructure they handle then moved by sea on a vessel called the San Helena and arrived at the port of Mesilones. This minimized the Extreme E’s emissions profile and allowed scientific research to be conducted in onboard laboratories. . .

again, The race includes its own generator and is broadcast to 75 countries Through various platforms.

Source: Biobiochile

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