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Sheet detergent: a viral way to wash in an ecological way, currently used in Chile



An easy-to-use, plastic-free sheet cleaner comes from Chilean startup Bulle. This joins a strong new international trend, especially among young people, in favor of biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

You may have seen some very peculiar detergents in viral videos on TikTok and other social networks, but they are not commonly used in Chile. It’s like a small sheet of paper.

It is a format that is rapidly gaining popularity in other parts of the world due to its multiple advantages, starting with its convenience and low carbon footprint.

And now it is starting to be sold in our country on a large scale by brands Bulllaunched this year and is experiencing rapid growth thanks to its promise to be fully biodegradable.

Company founders Benjamin Perez and Ignacio Domeico indicates – in an interview with BioBio Chile – Who decided to innovate with this type of product as a way to offer greener alternative .

is the case of sheet detergent Bull Items that do not contain plastic in either the contents or the packaging its website points out: 100% biodegradable , we really mean it. We comply with his OECD 301 standard and our products are he determined to be 85% biodegradable after 4 days and 100% biodegradable within 28 days. scientifically proven.

“We have found that there is an international trend for this type of product. decided to develop a product Almost no domestic market ‘ says Perez.

Domeyko adds: As we saw the growing demand for this type of product, we realized that we were part of that demand as well. “

Management adds that there is a high level of interest in our country, reflected in sales doubling every month and interactions seen on social networks (@planet.bulle).

Meanwhile, this chili product has already gone international in just a few months on the market, since it was launched in the United States in June.

Bulle: The Benefits of a 100% Ecological Detergent

This innovation is made possible thanks to the fact that “with us and our associated laboratories, we have obtained several patents for products that meet these criteria and for excellent cleaning capabilities.” I was. Additionally, we are working on the same innovative new product and hope to commercialize it by the end of the year. website.

Among the natural ingredients from which it is manufactured is coconut, which has excellent cleaning properties. Sapindus mukolossi fruit, also known as the ‘soap tree’. Enzymes clean deeper at the fiber level.

All of this allows us to achieve the ultimate goal of being biodegradable and completely plastic-free, as well as highly effective cleaning.

Bull It has several attributes. The first is that the product is biodegradable and even the packaging is plastic-free, making it 100% ecological. Second, and also very important, it cleans so well that it can compete with conventional detergents. Third, it’s very easy to store as it takes up minimal space and you can store a whole year’s worth of detergent in your drawer, ”he says Benjamín Pérez.

“It’s also portable, so even people who don’t have a washing machine at home can easily carry it around. And it comes in doses, which means you don’t waste the product. It’s very efficient because you don’t use more than you need and there’s no waste.” is.”

In this sense, Ignacio Domeyko said: Therefore, this format was very comfortable for him. “

Bulle is now available for purchase directly on the website. www.bulle.cl, Unimarc supermarkets, Mercado Libre and Lysto apps. If you use the recommended dosage, one box will give you 40 6kg loads.

Source: Biobiochile

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