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NASA reports Artemis I failure fixed: When will another launch be attempted?



The modification consisted of performing some important tests that later enabled the preparation process for the next launch. NASA reported that all objectives were successfully achieved.

Wednesday afternoon, reported by NASA That the Artemis I mission rocket failure has already been resolved The space agency has revealed that the latest tests have met all objectives and the team is already preparing for launch.

This complication interrupted the mission twice. The moon launch was originally scheduled for August 29th. was postponed to September 5, the same day, when the flight also could not be completed.

This was due to multiple hydrogen leaks detected in the rocket engine. After the first attempt, Rodrigo Herrera, an astronomer at the University of Concepcion and a researcher at the CATA Astrophysics Center, said it didn’t work.

“Before launch, one of the four lines carrying liquid hydrogen to cool the engine was not fully open. This prevented the engine from reaching the proper temperature to initiate takeoff.” he explained.

repeat the same thing a second time, After a series of tests, NASA has assured that the next attempt may be successful.

When will Artemis I reboot?

“All goals were achieved during the test. The team will begin evaluating the data, along with weather and other factors, to ensure they are ready for a September 27th launch trial. ‘, they pointed out via the mission’s Twitter account.

This fix consisted of meeting four main objectives: 2) Load propellant into the rocket tank using the new procedure. 3) Run a startup purge. 4) Perform a preload test.

Now that the rocket is in preparation, scientists continue to evaluate key factors for a safe launch. In it, we deal with evaluating the results of the tests and what the weather will be like on the proposed dates.

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