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Artemis I mission could launch in mid-November: weather will be a key factor



Artemis I will travel about 40,000 miles past the Moon over about six weeks and demonstrate the rocket’s ability to return to Earth. Those plans could be delayed by several months if the ship cannot be launched this year.

NASA is striving to finally execute the Artemis I mission, the plan to return humans to the moon for the first time in decades. now, Space agency set possible date for mid-November .

Orion rockets can take off from Kennedy Space Center in Orlando between the 12th and 27th of the month. It must be remembered that the “launch process” involves removing the rocket from the assembly building where it is stored. After that, it has to be moved to the take-off platform and installed, which takes several days.

Mission At first, it was postponed due to a hydrogen leak in the rocket motor. This can be fatal if launched without the necessary analysis. However, by the time the experts fixed the problem, the weather did not allow an ideal day for takeoff.

Weather is an important factor for Artemis I launch

in the same line, Scientists have been monitoring the ship’s condition over the past week due to the effects Hurricane Ian may have left on the ship. Anyone who recently passed through Orlando, where the Space Center is located.

Nevertheless, Report from NASA Last Friday, after an inspection to assess the impact of the hurricane, it announced that “there was no damage to Artemis’ flight hardware and the facility is in good condition.”

Regarding the Orion spacecraft, they point out:Minor water intrusion confirmed at several locations However, it soon came under control. NASA plans to launch an unmanned Artemis I this year to test the rocket’s durability and eventually set a precedent for a manned spacecraft.

“This mission will demonstrate the performance of the SLS rocket, test Orion’s capabilities over approximately six weeks, and return to Earth after traveling approximately 40,000 miles past the Moon. ‘, reports the space agency. Those plans could be delayed by several months if the ship cannot be launched this year.

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