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Are CyberDay 2022 tech discounts worth it? These are the most talked about deals


While some CyberDay 2022 offers didn’t satisfy users, there are some of the most sought-after and noteworthy offers, including products from Apple, Samsung, and some smart appliances.

Out of necessity or pleasure, there are many people waiting for CyberDay to finally invest in its smart devices and technology objects.Nevertheless This year as well, customers criticize overpriced and worthless offers on some products.

Especially when it comes to tech products that require a larger investment, such as computers, smartphones, consoles or other accessories in the vast intelligent ecosystem that exists today, those that do not allow for significant savings cannot be considered an offer. .

Our tour of the platform, which rounds up the best discounts, is enough to make you realize which of these offers aren’t worth investing in cyber this year, or the ones you wouldn’t think twice about.

Worthless offer according to buyer

Brands like Apple, for example, have been criticized the most because they had better offers throughout the year than Cyber ​​Day itself. Additionally, users have accused some stores of inflating prices several days before the offer period, thus “simulating” the discount later.

Commented on Twitter Falabella was selling his Macbook (Apple) for around P990,990 a few weeks ago, but days before the cyberattack, the price rose to P1,219,000 and then returned to normal. Big discount days.

Similarly Other users claim that some products went up instead of down this case was repeated at Falabella and was especially noticed by users who were waiting to buy the product recently. I did.

Cyberday 2022 Deals

Despite complaints, those who know how to search were able to find a worthwhile price. Products from Apple and Samsung stand out.Plus deals on select smart appliances and 2 merchandise which allows for savings of 150,000 and beyond.

iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB Silver – $1,299,000, now $849,990
iPhone 11 128 GB – Previously $729,990, Now $729,990 Falabella
Samsung Galaxy s6 Lite Tablet + Case – $459,990, now $239,990 Paris
Apple Watch Series 3 – Previously $229,990, now $189,990 Falabella
Irobot Braava 380t Vacuum – $249,990, now $99,990 ABCDIN
Cell Phone Combo Samsung Galaxy A53 5G 128GB + Galaxy Buds Live Mystic Black – Previously $654,990, Now $229,990 La Polar
Acer Aspire 5 Ryzen 5 12GB RAM 256GB SSD Notebook – Was $629,990, Now $299,990
HP Specter 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Notebook – Previously $1,429,990, now $649,990

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