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USB-C: Europe approves universal charger for mobile phones, Apple must change its model



The European Parliament on Tuesday approved a law imposing single chargers with USB-C ports for smartphones, tablets and portable devices from the end of 2024. This will force Apple to change models.

The European Parliament approved a law imposing a single charger this Tuesday. with USB-C port, For smartphones, tablets and wearable devices from the end of 2024, Measures to force Apple to change models.

the law was approved by an overwhelming majority 602 votes in favor, 13 votes against, With 8 abstentions.

This move would force Apple to give up certain ports for charging iPhone models. named Lightning.

Pursuant to recognized legislation, mobile devices may be sold with or without a charger at the time of regulation implementation.

This allows consumers to use the cables they already have in their homes without having to pay for new cables.

During the debate, MEPs argued that adopting a single charger model could reduce the pile of obsolete chargers that are scrapped each year. In addition to the above, Reduce consumer costs.

Changes are expected to be saved at least $195 million annually Reduce over 1,000 tons of e-waste annually. The Commissioner for Competition of the European Commission said: Margrethe Bester.

Apple has resisted efforts to standardize charging ports for mobile phones and wearable devices.advocating such legislation, as described above It becomes an obstacle to technological innovation.

However, users of the latest models iphone It complains that the Lightning port can transfer data At a fraction of the speed of USB-C.

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