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They found the world’s largest fossil bird: 3 meters long and weighing half a ton



Australian paleontologists have discovered the leg bones and lower limbs of Dromornis Startoni, the largest bird to ever walk on Earth. These are the best preserved fossils of this species to date.

is about A prehistoric species known as ‘Dromornis stiltoni’, the world’s largest bird Remains corresponding to some of its joints were found at a targeted archaeological excavation site in central Australia.

according to the portal science alert There may still be many ruins where Stiltoni was found this bird lived 8 million years ago It has a large beak that protrudes from its head and is estimated to have reached 3 meters in height and weighed as much as 0.5 tons.

The media also pointed out This is the first time a well-preserved ‘articulated fossil’ of the world’s largest bird has been found “This means the corpse was complete when it was buried,” said Adam Yates, a paleontologist at Australia’s Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery.

“It was only the lower extremities that were dug up. We’re digging further down the bench than the legs are coming, so there’s hope that much, if not all of the skeleton, that remains may be in the next excavation.” There is,” he adds.

Specifically, the leg bones and lower limbs of Dromornis stiltoni, also known as the “Devil’s Duck,” were found. For expert details, These joints help estimate the bird’s size more accurately .

Where did they find the world’s largest bird?

The site where it was discovered is called the Arkuta Reserve and is recognized as a “fossil” site. It is one of the most abundant remains of extinct land animals in Australia. Excavations began in 1986.

Fossils of thousands of species have so far been found in the Alcota Reserve, albeit intermixed due to frequent flooding that hit the site in the past.actually Complete bones have been reconstructed from debris scattered around the site.

Source: Biobiochile

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