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After a long virtual circuit, Blizzard apologizes for its troubled Overwatch 2 launch



Blizzard has apologized for the messy launch of Overwatch 2, acknowledging issues with queues, server crashes, stability, account pairing and authentication methods.

A video game launch took place this week overwatch 2, six years after the first part was successfully placed in the world of gamers. Nevertheless, That sequel’s premiere brought some issues for which development company Blizzard has to apologize to its users. .

Last Tuesday, some time after the launch on October 4th, Players faced long lines before entering the game’s servers Some even claimed that after waiting tediously in lines of thousands of users, the video game also had an error and could not start the game.

The problem persisted for several hours, causing some users to give up playing. the next day, Blizzard said about it “I want to apologize to our players. We expected Overwatch 2 to go smoothly with its release.”

Overwatch 2 had some flaws

Similarly Known issues with queuing, server crashes, stability, account pairing, and authentication methods Such as SMS Protector where players have to enter a phone number to log in.

After identifying the fault, Reported several fixes, including removing the phone number requirement for Battle.net account users.Server patch; how to reduce “pressure” on player database So avoid pre-game queues.

β€œWe have decided to remove the phone number requirement for most existing Overwatch players. Overwatch players with a connected Battle.net account, including all players who played after June 9, 2021, No need to provide a phone number to play.

β€œThere are a few areas we are working on to improve stability. Today we patched a server that is critical to the login experience. This change has improved login reliability.

finally, This Thursday, users can already join the game as usual. “We are committed to keeping everyone up to date, and will provide more information as it becomes available,” Blizzar said.

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