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What is the ‘chemistry’ behind the origin of life?: Scientists claim to have discovered it



The study would have revealed the “essential chemistry behind the origin of life.”

Water droplets contain a ‘secret ingredient’ that may be in the origin of life on Earth Discoveries recognized by scientists at Purdue University (USA) may contribute to the development of new drugs.

“It’s about This is the first demonstration that primitive molecules, simple amino acids, spontaneously form peptides.Elements of life in pure water droplets Graham Cooks, professor of analytical chemistry at Purdue University of Science, said in a statement from the university:

The study was published in a scientific journal, according to the chemist Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesenabling the discovery of “the essential chemistry behind the origin of life” and has fascinated scientists for decades.

loss of water molecules

According to a study by an American university, Water-based chemistry “could also lead to faster drug development. To treat mankind’s most debilitating diseases.” .

And in this study, amino acids can react and aggregate to form peptides. These are the “building blocks of proteins and ultimately life.”

“Strangely enough, This process requires the loss of water molecules, which is highly unlikely in moist, aquatic, or marine environments “We needed water for life to form, but we also needed space away from water,” the study concludes.

Basic building blocks of the origin of life

A study by a team led by mass spectrometry and geochemistry expert Graham Cooks has answered the mystery, because “water is not everywhere wet.”

“At the frontier, where a drop of water meets the atmosphere, incredibly fast reactions can occur that transform abiotic amino acids into the building blocks of life,” they explain.

“Also, a place where the ‘splash’ from the sea dances in the air and the waves crash on the land. Or, where freshwater splashes on hillsides were fertile landscapes for the potential evolution of life,” the study notes.

Chemists involved in this research 10+ years of mass spectrometer use Study the chemical reaction of water droplets.

understanding how amino acids become proteins and ultimately life forms, thus revolutionizing the understanding of chemical synthesis for scientists .

The process “now helps synthetic chemists accelerate critical reactions to discover and develop new drugs and cures for disease,” the US agency said.

Source: Biobiochile

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