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European Space Agency calculates what the future of the Sun and the end of life on Earth will look like


Scientists have been able to identify how life on the Sun might evolve in the future. This determines life on Earth.

The end of the earth and life is a subject of much debate among scientists. But apparently there are calculations that can determine when that will happen, and it’s directly related to the activity of the Sun.

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) have revealed in a report the process by which the sun’s activity will end and the estimated time of this event.

According to experts, the star is in its main sequence phase, that is, where the nucleus converts hydrogen to helium produces energy represented in the form of light and heat.

end of the sun

According to spacecraft data Gaia ESA’s This period occurs between 10,000 and 11,000 million years the time when the Sun reaches the end of its life (or the end of the main sequence).

Therefore, at the end of this stage, The Sun would have warmed up and become a giant red star.

Finally, after this stage, it becomes a dim white dwarf.

In our solar system there are about 4.5 billion years which means that our Sun is in half-life.

End of life on earth?

near the end of it, Heat rises and Earth becomes uninhabitable planet This is because water evaporates at high temperatures.

But this only happens in a small percentage of cases 8 billion years says the scientist.

At this point, the sun will be 10% larger than it is now, leading to a fatal temperature rise for humans, they added.

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