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Black Friday 2022: How to buy and sell without falling victim to cybercrime?



While there are many great deals out there, it’s also important to learn the best techniques to protect yourself and avoid falling for scams.

east On Friday, November 25th and Monday, November 28th, we’re launching a new version of Black Friday. an end-of-year event where over 2,000 brands sell their products, just so happens to be a very interesting showcase for cybercrime.

Every year there are cybercriminals, Take advantage of high demand and large numbers of transactions It takes place during this event.

Germán Fernández, Director of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence at a Chilean consultancy CronUp Cyber ​​Securityrecommends six key points for companies and ventures to protect their business and reputation.

How to sell safely?

    1. Ideally Join the official Black Friday campaign will appear on the official list of merchants and customers will be able to see this information on the event’s main site.

    2. Continuously monitor your brand , intended to identify new malicious domain registrations. As well as scam campaigns through paid advertising and email phishing impersonating brands among many other scam schemes.

    3. Develop customer education campaigns. Using official websites and learning how to identify malicious sites is a great way to help less knowledgeable customers identify different kinds of online risks.

    four. Developing ethical hacks for penetration testing or fraud , especially in the communication between the store and the payment gateway. Cybersecurity specialists ensure that these security tests should be performed before Black Friday kicks off. This helps prevent potential large-scale cyber fraud. These should be extended to marketing, development and other area providers that provide support in this process, the so-called ‘supply chain’.

    Five. Preferably use a Chilean payment gateway , because these systems perform better validation of the data. In addition, it helps prevent the injection of malicious scripts (harmful computer code designed to create system vulnerabilities) on websites linked to e-commerce.

    6. Run load and stress tests on your website , before the start of Black Friday. This is to prevent the platform from falling due to increased traffic.

How to buy on Black Friday without falling for cybercrime?

Likewise, experts We also provide security tips to ensure that users who are looking forward to Black Friday do not become potential victims of cybercrime and fall victim to computer attacks when making purchases.

    1. Make sure the website is correct The easiest way is to search the web address on Google. You can also follow the links on the store’s official social networks.

    2. Don’t blindly trust sites with a padlock CronUp experts warn that generating a digital certificate is now very easy. “Now most of the SCAM shops are signing up to the site to give their end users more ‘trust’,” he says.

    3. DO NOT PURCHASE ON PUBLIC WI-FI NETWORKS “Because it is frequently monitored by third parties.” Only buy from trusted networks such as your home, office, or mobile phone.

    four. If the offer is too good, it could be a scam Beware of “too good” deals, research prices online and double check you’re not visiting the wrong website.

    Five. shopping from computer Always purchase from your own device and never use a third party computer or phone. These may contain viruses and malware that recover personal and financial data (credit cards).

    6. Do not register on unknown or questionable websites It is often used to carry out spam or fraudulent campaigns via text messages (SMS) or emails (phishing) and has many other possibilities.

    7. trust your instincts “If in doubt, stop buying and research until you are 100% sure,” concludes Fernández. If necessary, ask someone close to you for help.

Source: Biobiochile

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